When the Rain Stops Falling by Andrew Bovell
National University Theatre Society presents
When the Rain Stops Falling by Andrew Bovell

1 May 2013 to 4 May 2013

Alice Springs in the year 2039. A fish falls from the sky and lands at the feet of Gabriel York. And it still smells of the sea. Gabriel’s past has always been a mystery, but perhaps it will be easier to explain than the fish…


As Gabriel grapples with his past, the stories of his ancestors are played out, and the terrible history of his family unravels. In an intricate, multi-layered story that spans four generations and two continents, When the Rain Stops Falling explores patterns of betrayal, abandonment, destruction, forgiveness and love. 

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ANU Arts Centre
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Approximately 150 minutes
Restrictions/WarningsPhoto Gallery

Creatives Ellie  Greenwood Ellie Greenwood
Since her first role as a doctor teaching animals to sing in her year 2 play, Ellie has been hooked on everything to do with theatre. She really delved into drama since coming to ANU, acting in the Bruce Hall play in her first year. In 2012, she made her directorial debut with ‘The Book of Everything’ by Richard Tulloch. She is extremely excited to be directing ‘When the Rain Stops Falling’ as part of the 2013 NUTS season. more ...
Cast Shaun Wykes Shaun Wykes
Gabriel York
Shaun first appeared on stage as an orphan boy in Spectrum Theatre Company's production of Oliver. He continued to work with Spectrum throughout his high school years as a crew member in 1964 and Annie. When he moved to Canberra in 2008 he played Warren in the National University Theatre Society (NUTS) production of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. In 2009 he directed the Burgmann College production of Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap. He has since worked extensively with NUTS, directing Moliere's The Misanthrope (2011), Mary Chase's Harvey (2012) and he is currently directing Ruben Guthrie by Brendan Cowell which will stage from 22-25 May 2013. Shaun hopes to study postgraduate theatre directing in 2014. more ...
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