Return To The Forbidden Planet
Queanbeyan Players Inc presents
Return To The Forbidden Planet

7 Jun 2013 to 22 Jun 2013

Inspired by the motion picture “Forbidden Planet” courtesy of Turner Entertainment. This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia on behalf of Joseph Weinberger Ltd

Captain Tempest and his crew welcome us aboard a routine survey spaceship flight. Soon after take-off the ship crash lands on an uncharted planet - Dillyria. The Science Officer leaves the ship but all is not as it seems - there's somebody on the planet, a scientist by the name of Prospero. Once evil, Prospero claims to have mended his ways and comes aboard with his robot servant Ariel and daughter Miranda.

Prospero has been working on the X-Factor, a drug which when taken can turn thoughts into solid objects, He takes a draft and something is seen on the ship's scanner. As it comes closer we see it's a giant alien. The airlock opens and the Science Officer re-enters having been attacked by the alien. Together the crew manage to force it back, but for how long?

We learn that the Science Officer is Gloria, wife of Prospero. She plots to steal the blueprint for the X-Factor and destroy it. She has previously seen its devastating effects. Prospero discovers the blueprint has been destroyed and is furious - without the blueprint he cannot make an antidote.

Realising the alien is a product of his imagination Prospero has come to a conclusion: the only way to get rid of it is if he dies. After a moving farewell to Gloria and Miranda, he walks into the alien's clutches and is destroyed. Dillyria must also have been a product of his imagination, for the entire planet starts to crumble.

The crew struggle to get the spaceship back in the air and..........

Featuring hits like Wipe Out, Great Balls of Fire, Teenager in Love, The Young Ones, Only the Lonely, Don’t let me be Misunderstood and loads more!

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Creatives Stephen Pike Stephen Pike
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Cast Ruth Albertson-Kill Ruth Albertson-Kill
Ruth is currently a student at the Australian National University and has worked with Queanbeyan Players for the past 4 years. She has enjoyed, immensly, her time working with the cast of Return to the Forbidden Planet and would like to thank them so much for making it such an enjoyable experience. She would also like to extend special thanks Stephen Pike, Nikole Neal, Nick Griffin and Beth Deer for giving her such a wonderful opportunity.

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