La Cage Aux Folles
SUPA Productions presents
La Cage Aux Folles

7 Nov 2014 to 22 Nov 2014

Brief Synopsis
La Cage aux Folles began life as a stage play in 1973 and was then adapted into a wildly popular French film premiering in 1978, a wickedly funny musical farce about two gay men, Georges and Albin, who have had a relationship for over 20 years. They own a glamorous nightclub in St. Tropez where one is the star and the other the MC.

When Georges’ son, the product of a one-night stand years ago, brings home the daughter of a very conservative French politician and announces their impending marriage, slapstick comedy ensues as everyone tries to pretend they are someone or something they are not.
The stuffy politician, his wife and the innocent young couple who just want to get married provide an hilarious storyline and Georges and Albin define the best of friendship and love that only gets stronger through the years.
In many ways, this is an old-fashioned musical about old-fashioned family values…..with a twist!
In 1996, the original film was remade….as The Birdcage, starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane.

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Creatives Garrick Smith Garrick Smith
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Cast Jarrad West Jarrad West
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