Frogs Cry Wolf
Frogs Cry Wolf
Melbourne Theatre Company
Southbank Theatre - The Lawler
12 Feb 2015 to 14 Feb 2015
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Drug references, coarse language and adult themes

Cybec Electric 2015With scripts in hand, some of our best actors, led by terrific directors, present four new Australian plays in semi-staged readings.


‘Oh I see what’s happening here. You’ve come to save us. Haven’t you? They come up here with their … with their tattoos and dreadlocks and failed relationships to do some good. [Pause.] … Maybe it’s you who needs saving? Ever thought of that?’

Wet season is coming and the tree frogs are at fever pitch, mad keen for rain, mad keen for change. Claudia runs Broome’s Sober-Up Centre and the barking frogs are driving her mad – not to mention the local drunks who are always promising to change, but never do. Will is up in Broome to help. He has a plan for Broome to dry up, in the wet. But in Broome, where 10% of the population are homeless, and alcohol and drug abuse are chronic, one needs more than just a plan.

Developed with Red Stitch Actors Theatre and Playwriting Australia.

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