The Unknown Man On Somerton Beach
The Unknown Man On Somerton Beach
Melbourne Theatre Company
Southbank Theatre - The Lawler
13 Feb 2015 to 14 Feb 2015
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$5 Youth (29 & Under)
$10 Adult

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Drug references, coarse language and adult themes

Cybec Electric 2015With scripts in hand, some of our best actors, led by terrific directors, present four new Australian plays in semi-staged readings.


‘Victims of assault. Accidental deaths. Shark victims. Most of the bodies that turn up on our beaches don’t turn up in one piece. Not sitting. Not looking out to sea … I’ve seen deaths. We’ve both seen duty … This is not like any death I’ve seen.’

A dead man leans against a sea wall. It’s December 1948 and the death is not just suspicious, it’s murder. The only clues are The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, some scrawled code, a local nurse’s phone number and US cigarettes. Is he American? Is he Russian? With chilly lines being drawn between the free world and the red terror could this be one of the cold war’s first antipodean casualties? Two cops, both ex-army intelligence – ‘Ren’ Black and ‘Mum’ St.John Falcon – are out to crack this case wide open.

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