Archimedes' War
Archimedes' War
Melbourne Theatre Company
Southbank Theatre - The Lawler
19 Feb 2015 to 21 Feb 2015
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$5 Youth (29 & Under)
$10 Adult

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Drug references, coarse language, adult themes and sexual references

Cybec Electric 2015With scripts in hand, some of our best actors, led by terrific directors, present four new Australian plays in semi-staged readings.


‘Yeah like why couldn’t we be reading boring poems about spring or something like that, we had to be reading about this murdering old bag who gets her thrills from killing people … people have such a problem with war games and meanwhile Shakespeare gets off on writing serial killer porn.’

Arki loves playing war games online. He’s also just beat up his English teacher. A psychologist diagnoses something very serious. Soon Arki’s hanging out with Aaron, a disturbed returned soldier, and both start hanging out with Baseer, who runs the best Afghan restaurant in Dandenong. All have been immersed in war. Everyone around them is desperate to cure their terrible affliction. In our world of DIY psychology, is the cure worse than the condition? Is there a cure for war?

Presented in partnership with Playwriting Australia.

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