The Mikado
Queanbeyan Players Inc presents
The Mikado

6 Nov 2015 to 15 Nov 2015

Nanki-Poo arrives in a very traditional (according to 19th century western ideas of traditional) town of Titipu. He is looking for the delightful young lady (Yum-Yum) who has caught his heart. He is actually the son of the Mikado but has been “masquerading as a second trombone”.

Yum-Yum, her sisters and the other young ladies of the town have been at boarding school and are on their way back. Those who have been outside the town have been influenced by some western ideas and look a little strange to the rest of the community.

Yum-Yum is betrothed to Ko-Ko, her guardian and Lord High Executioner. She isn’t that keen on this betrothal as she is in love with Nanki-Poo.

Nanki-Poo is also betrothed to someone else, an important lady of his father’s court. Again, this is not his choice! Modern western ideas say they should be able to choose their own life partners.

Ko-Ko and Pooh-Bah (Lord High Everything Else) discover that the Mikado is disappointed that no executions have taken place and that if  one does not take place soon, the role of Lord High Executioner will be abolished and the town be demoted to a village. A ‘body’ is required but who could it be? Through twists and turns many questions may be answered.

Who will be beheaded?
Who is the mysterious Katisha?
Does the town of Titipu survive or will it be demoted to a village?
Do Yum-Yum and Nanki-Poo ever get together?
And why is the Mikado visiting them all?

Remember –“virtue is triumphant only in theatrical performances”.

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Creatives Judith Colquhoun Judith Colquhoun
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