Reef UP! Reef UP!
Liz Lea Dance
The Courtyard Studio - The Canberra Theatre Centre
6 Oct 2017 to 7 Oct 2017
View Session Times
Tickets - Adult $20.00
Family 4+ (per ticket) $15.00
Concession $15.00

Duration - 55 minutes, no interval


Reef UP! combines the latest scientific research with the magic of theatre to share the story of what is happening to our coral reefs, and what we can do to help.

Meet a sea-full of loveable characters (and villains): Manta and Ray, Slinky the shark, clown fish, Minkie whales, and a devious Crown of Thorns starfish called Priscilla!

Using dance, theatre, and some amazing costumes, audiences learn how all life on the reef is interrelated. If a single organism or species is affected or declines in number it can have a huge ripple effect both down and up the Great Barrier Reef’s food chain.

To a soundtrack of popular songs and original music, Reef UP! highlights the beauty and precarious nature of the reef ecosystems across the globe, and helps students explore the simple things that they can do to help preserve these breathtaking environments.

Australia is taking the lead in collaborative scientific and arts research, and this will be acclaimed choreographer Liz Lea’s th ...more
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