The MH370 disaster. Malaysia’s billion-dollar 1MDB scandal. These two events had international ramifications, but for our unnamed protagonist they were earth shattering. When you’re a young, queer Chinese-Malaysian Australian, how do you work out where you belong in the world? Criss-crossing between storylines of the fate of MH370, corruption in Malaysia and the exploration of identity, Hungry Ghosts offers an unconventional take on contemporary life.

Writer Jean Tong is known for creating politically irreverent works about cultural identification, societal inequality and otherness. Her latest work uses humour and vivid imagery to boldly explore the complex world we must navigate every day. Starring Emina Ashman (Moths) and Jing-Xuan Chan (The Family Law), and directed by Petra Kalive (Melbourne Talam), the world-premiere of Hungry Ghosts will be a haunting theatre experience.



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