The Courtyard Studio - The Canberra Theatre Centre
6 Mar 2019 to 8 Mar 2019
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Tickets - Early Bird $33.00

2 Show Package (Not available online, please call the Box Office on 6275 2700) $50.00

Duration - Approx 105 mins, incl interval
Coarse language
Parental discretion advised.


Welcome to your post-death afterglow. Due to the nature of your death you are permitted one haunting within the limited time period of your unbecoming, the duration of which is unknown.

Ado wakes up dead. And rotting. Pretty soon she can walk through walls, read people’s minds, and travel through time, and she is fucking killing it. Now that she’s dead and free of all the expectations everyone has of teenage girls she can finally do what she wants. Except… all she wants now is to solve the mystery of her own death. As a ghostly dead girl in the process of her unbecoming, Ado doesn’t have long before she will be gone completely: how will she choose to use her last chance to interact with humanity, her one-time-only haunting?

Unbecoming is a one-woman play about our obsession with the “dead girl” and what it means for that girl when she actually ends up dead. According to Edgar Allan Poe “the death of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetical topic in ...more
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