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Welcome to the forest for Shakespeare’s most warm-hearted romantic comedy. Rosalind is banished from court with her cousin Celia, but before they can escape into exile Rosalind catches the eye of love-struck Orlando. What ensues is a riotous tangle of matched and mismatched lovers, mistaken identities, melodic songs and laughs aplenty. Will love conquer all, or is it merely a madness?

With more twists than a country lane, As You Like It is a topsy-turvy celebration of love in all its forms. Illustrious director Simon Phillips (Shakespeare in Love), who has made an art of delighting audiences with Shakespearean romance, teams up once again with composers Kate Miller-Heidke and Keir Nuttall, who last brought their incredible talents to MTC for the smash-hit production of Twelfth Night.

In this playful and passionate romp, which includes many of Shakespeare’s most famous lines, musi ...more
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