The Wharf Revue The Wharf Revue
Soft Tread
The Playhouse - Canberra Theatre Centre
24 Oct 2022 to 5 Nov 2022
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Contains coarse language and may contain strobe lighting and fog/haze effects.

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The new variant of The Wharf Revue (the antidote to everything) is about to be unleashed. It’s time for Canberra audiences to receive their satirical booster shots from those Satirists Sans Frontiers, Professor Forsythe, Doctor Bishop, Mr Biggins and Nurse Scott. They will administer the most effective sharp jabs available to help build resistance to any post-election euphoria and/or depression. Side effects may include uncontrolled laughter, spontaneous applause and occasional nausea. But be quick! Tickets will sell out faster than toilet paper.


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