Hamlet by William Shakespeare (Grover Theatre Company)
The Basin Theatre Group and GROVER THEATRE COMPANY presents
Hamlet by William Shakespeare (Grover Theatre Company)

15 Dec 2022 to 17 Dec 2022

Prince Hamlet is grieving her father’s death, as all around her the royal court celebrates the marriage of her mother to the deceased king’s brother, Claudius.
When the ghost of Hamlet’s father appears, pronouncing that he was murdered by Claudius and prompting his daughter to revenge, Hamlet seeks further proofs of her uncle’s guilt. But the false madness she puts on to aid her purposes starts to slip, until the line between false and true madness is blurred beyond what even she can discern.

Co Directed by Patrick Banfield and Sos Gill, this rendition of Hamlet promises to be thought provoking, different and highly entertaining!

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140 minutes