Casus Circus presents

30 Mar 2023 to 31 Mar 2023

Riverside Theatres, Casus Creations and Cluster Arts are proud to present Collision at the Lennox Theatre in Riverside Theatres Parramatta, from the 30th to 31st March 2023.

A cross-pollination of contemporary circus and street dance, Collision features six young, exceptionally bendy performers flex with grace and power to a soundtrack of new hip hop and R&B.

An explosion for the senses, Collision features impressive group routines where bodies tessellate and stack effortlessly upon each other, with equally acrobatically dazzling solos.

Casus Creations is a pioneer contemporary circus company known for ground-breaking acrobatics and physical poetry with a reputation as a leader in the contemporary circus on the world stage.

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Riverside Theatres - Riverside Theatre
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60 minutes