Queanbeyan Players Inc
The Q - Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre
6 Jun 2014 to 21 Jun 2014
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Adults: $40
Concessions: $35
Children 15 years & under: $25
Groups of 6 or more: $30 each

Described as “A Musical Arabian Night”, Kismet is based on a successful play set in 1071 AD in the court of the Caliph, ruler of the Islamic Empire during its golden age. The play had already been used for two movies when the musical hit Broadway, winning the Best Musical Tony Award for 1954.  The musical was filmed in 1955.

“Kismet” means “fate” and it’s with the help of fate (and his own glib tongue) that a destitute street poet goes from rags to riches in the space of twenty-four hours, and sees his beautiful daughter married to the Caliph of Baghdad.  Throw in the most glorious music (adapted from themes of Alexander Borodin), various scheming villains, beautiful dancing princesses and a host of other colourful characters and you have a show that’s as entertaining as you can get.

Artistic Team
Peter Smith
Belinda Hassall
Janetta McRae
Phil Baker
Janene Broere
Don Bemrose
Roseanne Boyd
Thompson Quan Wing
Micahel Politi
Stephanie McAlister
Paul Jackson
Michael Jeffries
Janene Broere
Theresa Buetre
Zoe Swan
Kate Terry
Dorothy Kocsi
Christina Philipp
Robert Grice
Margaret Evans
Liz Kenny
Bronwyn McIlver
Isabelle Tan
Tony D'Abrera
Peter Evans
Phill Fernandez
Joshua Hanna
Marcus Hurley
Christian Hensley
Brenton Warren
Josh D'Abrera
Daniel  D'Abrera
Adrian van Prooyen
Dale Stam
Ian Vickers
Graeme Trompf
Maxine Johnson
Janetta McRae
Karinne Fisher
Maureen Stewart
Janet Tweedie
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