Shane HorsburghShane Horsburgh
Although only recently returning to the stage after a long hiatus, Shane is once again enjoying the challenge of live theatre.
Notwithstanding some appearances on the karaoke stage and a few gigs in television and movies, Shane's adult life has been spent following less 'creative' pursuits.
After experiencing his own renaissance, Shane took the time to write about his journey, resulting in an autobiography - described as a mix between The Hurt Locker and Eat, Pray, Love - published by Allen and Unwin in 2012.
He now revels in the challenge of new experiences and a peaceful existence; a message he advances as a public speaker and consultant in schools, sporting groups and workplaces.

Shows Shane Horsburgh has been in
The Sound of MusicThe Sound of Music
Show finished on 15 Nov 2014
$25 - $45
Witches Of Eastwick, TheWitches Of Eastwick, The
Show finished on 29 Mar 2014
$25 - $40
The Phantom of the OperaThe Phantom of the Opera
Show finished on 23 Aug 2013
$42.50 - $81.75