Return To The Forbidden Planet
Return To The Forbidden Planet
Queanbeyan Players Inc
The Q - Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre
7 Jun 2013 to 22 Jun 2013
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Adult $40
Concession $35
Children $35
All tickets Thurs & Fri $35

Inspired by the motion picture “Forbidden Planet” courtesy of Turner Entertainment. This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia on behalf of Joseph Weinberger Ltd

Captain Tempest and his crew welcome us aboard a routine survey spaceship flight. Soon after take-off the ship crash lands on an uncharted planet - Dillyria. The Science Officer leaves the ship but all is not as it seems - there's somebody on the planet, a scientist by the name of Prospero. Once evil, Prospero claims to have mended his ways and comes aboard with his robot servant Ariel and daughter Miranda.

Prospero has been working on the X-Factor, a drug which when taken can turn thoughts into solid objects, He takes a draft and something is seen on the ship's scanner. As it comes closer we see it's a giant alien. The airlock opens and the Science Officer re-enters having been attacked by the alien. Together the crew manage to force it back, but for how long?

We learn that the Sci ...more
Artistic Team
Stephen Pike
Nikole Neal
Nicholas Griffin
Janetta McRae
Zach Dowse
Ruth Albertson-Kill
Dave Evans
Tim Stiles
Veronica Thwaites-Brown
John Kelly
Lachlan Whan
Alicia Da Costa
Dave Kavanagh
Max Mullamphy
Theresa Buetre
Jude Colquhoun
Thompson Quan Wing
Ben Trabinger
Sam Jeacle
Alex McPherson
Jo Licuanan
Eliza Shepherd
Bec Harman
Madison Hegarty
Chris Byrne
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