Play On!
Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre presents
Play On!

10 May 2016 to 22 May 2016

Play On! By Rick Abbot
Presented by Queanbeyan City Council

The Queanbeyan Musical and Dramatic Society* are pleased to invite you to the next performance in their 2016 season – the thrilling murder mystery ‘Murder Most Foul’** written by local author and finalist in last year’s ‘Hidden Stars’° pageant at Wagga Wagga Shopping Plaza∞ – Phillip Montague…

Director Gerry and her totally knackered cast and crew are putting on the excruciating Whodunit ‘MURDER MOST FOUL’ a thriller overflowing with the usual lies, betrayals, cursed jewellery, dastardly deeds in high society and over-the-top acting.

The show opens in four days, the set’s not ready, sound and lighting don’t work, the crew are almost at the point of mutiny, and the actors can’t remember a single line.

Catastrophically, the author Phillip is not conveniently dead, but irritatingly alive, turning up unwelcome at every rehearsal with fresh material – believing wholeheartedly that his play will reinvent not only the thriller genre, but the art of theatre itself.

By Dress Rehearsal nothing much has changed and the miracle they need to make their show fabulous (or even just watchable) is as far away as ever.

And then it’s opening night – what happens? You’ll have to see it to find out!

*Not a real company
**Not the one written by Agatha Christie
° Not a real pageant
∞ Not a real shopping centre

Play On! – will entertain you with its heartfelt joy at the centre of its zany antics.

Director: Jarrad West Stage Manager: Joyanne Gough Production Manager: Marya Glyn-Daniel Cast: Micki Beckett, Riles Bell, Liz Bradley, Duncan Driver, Sian Harrington, Bradley McDowell, Steph Roberts, Liz St Clair Long, Tony Turner, and Marion West

Audience Advice: Perfect for all ages




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