NUTS Presents: Death & the Maiden NUTS Presents: Death & the Maiden
National University Theatre Society
ANU Arts Centre (Drama Lab)
5 Oct 2016 to 8 Oct 2016
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Tickets - NUTS VIP Member $10
Concession $15
Adult $20

Duration - 120 minutes
Not suitable for children
Contains loud noises
Coarse language
References to Sexual Assault

Death and the Maiden, by Ariel Dorfman, explores how, and if, a nation can start to heal its wounds after years of living in a dictatorship regime. Gerardo and Paulina are married, and have finally started to relax after years of living in fear. When a stranger visits their home, Paulina recognises his voice as one of her torturers. Determined to administer justice, she takes matters into her own hands. Is this stranger, however, really her torturer, or simply an innocent citizen?
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