Who am I...? Who am I...?
Russell Cheek
The Street Theatre - Street 2
28 Mar 2017 to 1 Apr 2017
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Tickets - Standard: $35.00
Concession: $30.00

Duration - 75 minutes, no interval

It's a kind of storytelling show - but ....it’s different from most. Maybe from all..

An hilarious true story of dedication, perseverance and grit written and performed by Russell Cheek, who takes to the stage to share the story of his efforts to climb out of unemployed-actor poverty by attempting to win the jackpot on Sale of the Century in 1993. Who am I. . .? is a human story about aspiration and determination versus self-doubt and loss of confidence. It’s about the things we all have to confront if we have the ambition to get something done. It's the story of 1990s Australia and one man’s attempt to scale the summit of all Australian quiz shows.


One man, one remote, one screen. Three suits, eight nights.
One moment in the maelstrom to define a lifetime - or face national humiliation

Actor, musician, and educator with a twenty-five year career as a theatre director, Russell was a regular and popular panellist for The Einstein Factor where his skills both as an actor/p ...more
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