The Island of Dr. Moreau The Island of Dr. Moreau
National University Theatre Society
Theatre 3
20 Sep 2017 to 23 Sep 2017
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Tickets - Members $10
Students $15
General Admission $20

Contains loud noises
Simulated sex scenes
violence, depictions of abuse

"They say that terror is a disease. I can witness that..."

Shipwrecked and alone, Edward Prendrick is found by a passing vessel. But, for Prendrick, this is no rescue.

Based on the classic novel by H.G. Wells, Moreau has captured imaginations for over a century. A chilling tale that challenges the distinction between genius and madness, discovery and cruelty, man and beast. This play will keep you terrified and transfixed from beginning to end.

NUTS' final production of 2017 is a feat of physical and technical theatre, this show is like nothing you've ever seen before.

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