Sanity Sanity
Perform Australia
Perform Australia Theatre
16 Dec 2020 to 18 Dec 2020
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$20 Adults
$10 Concession
$10 Perform Australia students

Duration - 50 minutes

Sanity is local playwright Elizabeth Avery Scott's latest comedy. In an imaginary place that's part-dream world, part-modern home and part-asylum, dwell five women and two men. They can't go anywhere - they're in lockdown. Living lives that are limited by the walls around them, they muse about the meaning of life, God, battery hens, their hopes for the future, and whether or not they're sane.

This is a play for 2020 and beyond, reflecting on what we've been through and what we've yet to discover.  

Performed by Perform Australia's Certificate IV in Acting for Stage and Screen students. 

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