Prima Facie
Griffin Theatre Company presents
Prima Facie

19 Apr 2023

The original Australian production – which went on to inspire a sold-out West End season and upcoming Broadway season – roars onto the Melbourne stage.

From the writer of the widely acclaimed RBG: Of Many, One, Suzie Miller’s play is a searing indictment of a legal system that constantly fails women. Reprising her award-winning performance, Sheridan Harbridge plays Tessa Ensler with passion and mesmerising conviction.

Tessa Ensler is a woman at the top of her game: a defence lawyer who commands the respect of her colleagues and clients, with a string of unbroken wins under her belt. She knows the law inside out; she trusts the law. But when she finds herself on the other side of the bench, facing the very system she once put her faith in, she quickly realises that something has to change.

Prima Facie premiered at Griffin Theatre in 2019, wowing audiences and winning widespread critical acclaim, as well as a Sydney Theatre Award for Harbridge and multiple awards for Miller – including the 2020 David Williamson Award for Outstanding Theatre Writing. With the original Griffin dream team of director Lee Lewis (Gloria) and Sheridan Harbridge (The Beast), this one-woman powerhouse performance demands to be seen.

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