Gerard FitzsimmonsGerard Fitzsimmons
ACT, Canberra
Age : 59
Occupation : Public Health

Gerard was introduced to music and theatre by his Aunty Meg in the late 1960’s and credits her encouragement for developing his interest.

Several seasons of Rugby in suburban Sydney enhanced and ensured an ability to project a vaguely harmonious and cherubic singing voice.

Gerard's most recent role was as Sir Robert Menzies in The Deadly Game of Marbles at Old Parliament House (2021). Past shows from the Canberra Theatre scene include Sweeney Todd (2017), Max in The Sound of Music (2014), Annie (2008),  Potiphar in Joseph (2009), 42nd Street (2011) and Annie Get Your Gun (2013).

Gerard enjoys his time on the stage and appreciates the valuable insights of cast and crew. Musical theatre also provides plenty of fun with a feast of opportunities for a good time.

While grateful for his opportunities, his friends know that he really aspires to being a dancer. If only he could dance! His wife and their two daughters have supported his theatrical effort, but all know not to mention the dance issue.

Gerard is thankful for his theatre opportunities and acknowledges the excellent team work and organisation required to bring a show to the stage. 

Gerard was most fond of his role as von Trapp family friend and promoter, Max Detweiler, because he has experience enjoying the finer trappings of life. To sum up the character of Max (and Gerard) - "he likes rich people, he likes the way they live, he likes the way he lives when he is with them".  And so does Gerard.  


Shows Gerard Fitzsimmons has been in
The Sound of MusicThe Sound of Music
Show finished on 15 Nov 2014
$25 - $45
Annie Get Your GunAnnie Get Your Gun
Show finished on 16 Nov 2013
$25 - $40

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Annie Get Your Gun

Gerard Fitzsimmons, Fiona Hale, Peter Hoban