Fiona LeachFiona Leach
Fiona has designed and sewn costumes for many of Canberra's amateur theatre companies during the last 12 years; and has received eight nominations for Costume Design in the Canberra Area Theatre Awards.
The opportunity to work on Phantom of the Opera gave Fiona the chance to establish a team of highly skilled and creative people who willingly volunteered their time, energy and humour to create more than 200 costumes for the show.
Fiona would like to personally thank all members of the costume team and the cast and their families who contributed to the costume creation.

To her own family she once again says thank you for their unwavering patience and support.

Shows Fiona Leach has been in
Disney's The Little MermaidDisney's The Little Mermaid
Show finished on 17 Apr 2016
The Last Five YearsThe Last Five Years
Show finished on 2 May 2015
$30 - $90
The Fox on the FairwayThe Fox on the Fairway
Show finished on 7 Dec 2013
The Phantom of the OperaThe Phantom of the Opera
Show finished on 23 Aug 2013
$42.50 - $81.75
West Side StoryWest Side Story
Show finished on 24 Feb 2013
$37 - $45