Sydney Theatre Company
Touring Show
11 Sep 2014 to 9 Nov 2014
Duration - 1 hour 30 mins (no interval)
Coarse language

Tour Dates and Locations
11 Sep 201418 Oct 2014Wharf 1 Theatre (Sydney Theatre)
Tickets & Sessions: $50 - $99 ...more
22 Oct 20149 Nov 2014Adelaide Festival Centre - Space Theatre
Tickets & Sessions: $30 - $56 ...more

Sydney Theatre Company presents
A Sydney Theatre Company and
State Theatre Company of South Australia Production
A new play by Sue Smith

Love, money, power. What’s your weakness?

It has been 25 years since the tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square. A generation later, have the scars healed or have they been papered over with bank notes?

Through the lens of a friendship that spans decades, acclaimed writer Sue Smith (Mabo, Brides of Christ) examines Australia’s relationship to modern China. Our largest trading partner, an Asian neighbour but still, somehow, as foreign to us as we are to them.

We meet Dylan, an Australian, and Lian, a Chinese student, when they are flush with youthful idealism. We follow them as life's temptations and the weight of history pulls them deeper and deeper into scandal.

Kryptonite is a thrilling, thought-provoking dialogue between two people and two cultures urgently trying to find common ground.

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