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16 Oct 2015 to 24 Oct 2015

Meet Bobby: a man enjoying life in New York City. 35 and single. Unlike all his married-or-getting-married-or-have-married-a-few-times-now friends. And they’re reminding him that hey, the clock’s ticking, life is moving on, you can’t be single forever, you shouldn’t be single forever, and maybe – well, maybe definitely – it’s time to get serious, get involved, get together with someone, anyone, that one, get mature, get mainstream, get happy oh-so-happy in love, forever. Just like them. But are they right? Are they even telling truth about themselves, their marriages, their loves, their highs, their… disappointments. And does it all just come down to reaching a point in our lives when choice simply narrows down to desperate inevitability? And what’s happiness anyway? Is it always better to be with someone than alone? Heck, what is thing we all call a relationship?

Well, Bobby’s about to find out.

And so will you, when you come and see Everyman Theatre’s production of one of Stephen Sondheim’s greatest-ever revolutionary musicals: COMPANY. Through a serious of hilarious and touching vignettes, and fabulous songs such as ‘Side by Side by Side’, ‘The Ladies Who Lunch’ and of course, the hit tune ‘Being Alive’, COMPANY really is the first musical to examine ordinary people living ordinary lives in such an extraordinary way. These aren’t two-dimensional cardboard characters belting out showtunes at the drop of a hat – these are your friends, your colleagues, your family, these are people you know revealing the truth and the lies of their lives and loves. It’s funny, moving, touching, and above all, oh so wonderfully entertaining.

And best of all, it’s presented by Everyman Theatre,  producers of last year’s powerful production of The Burning. And they’ve gathered the cream of Canberra’s theatrical talent for this very special production, including Jarrad West, Jordan Best, Laura Dawson, Vanessa De Jager, Riley Bell, Amy Dunham, Will Huang, Helen McFarlane, Max Gambale, Michelle Norris,and Karen Vickery, Directed by multiple award-winning director Jordan Best, alongside musical director Tim Hansen and acclaimed contemporary choreographer James Batchelor, this will be the must see musical theatre event of 2015.

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Creatives Jordan Best Jordan Best
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Cast Jarrad West Jarrad West

ACTOR (Stage) – La Cage Aux Folles (SUPA), The Burning (Everyman), The Witches of Eastwick (SUPA), The Musical of Musicals - The Musical! (Everyman), GOD + pool (no water) (Everyman), Doubt (Free Rain), Grease (Free Rain), The Ides of March (Everyman), The Boy From Oz (Canberra Philharmonic), A Lie of the Mind (Moonlight), True West (Moonlight), And Then There Were None (Canberra REP), The History Boys (Papermoon - Canberra Critics’ Circle Award 2009), In Cold Light (Everyman), Singer! Dancer! Actor! (Everyman – Teatro Vivaldi), Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me (Everyman & Garrick Theatre), School for Scandal (Canberra REP), Little Shop of Horrors (Garrick Theatre & Yellow Glass Theatre), RENT (Everyman & Yellow Glass Theatre), Anthems for Doomed Youth (Yellow Glass Theatre), Bedroom Farce (Garrick Theatre), Robin Hood (MPAC), Puss in Boots (MPAC), Oedipus Rex (Playlovers - Best Actor – 2001) Pinocchio (MPAC), Play On! (Old Mill Theatre), Sing On! (Garrick Theatre), My Three Angels (Garrick Theatre), Cabaret (Playlovers - Best Actor – 2000), Assassins (Playlovers), The Taming of the Shrew (SCARP Theatre), Chalky White Substance (SCARP Theatre), The Pyjama Game (SCARP Theatre), Oliver! (Roleystone Theatre)

ACTOR (Film) – Past Imperfect (By George Productions), Fast Tracks (Barron Television), Ship to Shore II (Barron Television), The Adventures of the Bush Patrol (Seven Network)

DIRECTOR – Casanova (Canberra REP), Home At The End (Everyman), RENT (Everyman), Hairspray (Canberra Philharmonic), Breaker Morant (Everyman), The Velveteen Rabbit (Free Rain), The Laramie Project (Everyman - Canberra Critics’ Circle Award 2010), Latin! Or Tobacco and Boys (Everyman - Canberra Critics’ Circle Award 2009), Angels in America Parts I & II (with Liz Bradley; Papermoon - Canberra Critics’ Circle Award 2008), The Boyfriend (Garrick Theatre), Tickets-Music-Passport (Teatro Vivaldi), Funny Lovin’ That Theatre (Garrick Theatre), Beautiful Thing (Garrick Theatre - Robert Finley Award, Best Production 2004)

WRITER – No Stamp Required, Pinocchio, Robin Hood, Tickets-Music-Passport!, Singer! Dancer! Actor!, Coffee in a Cardboard Cup.

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