Once Upon A Mattress
Once Upon A Mattress
Laughing Horse Productions
Koorliny Arts Centre
7 Apr 2017 to 22 Apr 2017
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Tickets are $25, $20 concession book on 9467 7118 or at http://www.koorliny.com.au/whats-on/once-upon-a-mattress.html
Duration - 120 mins

WHAT do you get when you mix one pea, 20 mattresses and a princess-to-be named Fred?

A raucous, romantic and melodic spin on the Hans Christian Andersen classic The Princess and the Pea, playing at the Koorliny Arts Centre this April.

Presented by Laughing Horse Productions and directed by Adam Salathiel, Once Upon A Mattress is a whimsical musical comedy adaptation by Mary Rodgers and Marshall Barer.

It’s the story of a lonely mummy’s boy prince and an overbearing queen hellbent on protecting her son and kingdom.

With time working against some of the ladies in waiting, Sir Harry must scour the land looking for the last remaining princess to marry the prince. 

A mid-90s Broadway revival starred Sarah Jessica Parker and a 2005 Disney television version featured Zooey Deschanel and Tracey Ullman.

“Once Upon a Mattress is a story of love, laughter and a young princess coming of age,” Salathiel said.

“It’s a true Disney family-style show, complete with romance, laughte ...more
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