Calamity Jane Calamity Jane
One Eyed Man Productions, Neglected Musicals and Hayes Theatre Co
The Playhouse
15 Aug 2018 to 19 Aug 2018
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Contains simulated smoking, Suitable for children ages 7+


Legendary frontierswoman; notorious daredevil; profane storyteller; unwomanly radical – CALAMITY JANE is one of the most immediately recognisable figures of the old American West. From the famous 1950s Doris Day movie musical to the HBO series Deadwood, the courageous individuality of Calamity Jane has delighted audiences for decades. With a fierce disregard for gender expectations and cultural limitations that was centuries ahead of her time, there’s no better time to re-visit and re-examine this remarkable woman.

This stripped-back, rough-and-ready reimagining shucks off the buckskin and brings a barrelful of dirt and grit to the classic musical. Directed by Richard Carroll, the production stars Virginia Gay (Channel 7’s All Saints and Winners & Losers) as the magnetic, masculine heroine – joined by a ragtag band of acclaimed comedic actors and musicians who share all the other roles. From the moment they enter the theatre, audiences are immersed in the world of the Golden Ga ...more
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