12 Angry Men
Everyman Theatre presents
12 Angry Men

14 Nov 2018 to 24 Nov 2018


12 Angry Men

by Reginald Rose

Everyman Theatre, producer of critically acclaimed productions of ‘The History Boys’ and ‘Company’ are back at the Q with one of the 20th Century’s most famous thrillers.

A young man’s life hangs in the balance as 12 strangers deliberate on his ultimate fate. At first glance the underprivileged boy appears guilty of murdering his father in cold blood. The evidence seems to suggest so, but questions of prejudice, family, and class warfare threaten to tear their fragile deliberations apart. 11 men are ready to convict and send him to the electric chair. Only one man has doubts. With it’s unique presentation in the round, the audience will be in the jury room, experiencing every moment of the story up until the nail-biting finish. 12 Angry Men is a scintillating blend of raw emotion and high stakes where individual life stories are gradually revealed. Written over 50 years ago this play is still relevant now. It asks questions about judging others instinctively and do we, in the age of Brexit and Trump, still wrestle with the same issues of race and identity that humanity did in the 1950’s? Will we ever move past these questions?



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The Q - Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre
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