Miracle on 34th Street Canberra Miracle on 34th Street Canberra
Budding Theatre
Courtyard Studio, Canberra Theatre Centre
15 Dec 2018 to 16 Dec 2018
View Session Times
Tickets - Child $25
Concession $29.50
Adult $39.50

Duration - 60 minutes

Budding Theatre presents Miracle on 34th Street Canberra – a fun new Christmas play inspired by the classic 1947 film and performed by Canberra’s most talented children and young adults.

Set in Canberra, the play follows Kris Kringle – an elderly man who takes a temporary job as a Santa Claus actor after his predecessor Bad Santa is unceremoniously fired. While Kris captivates children and inspires everyone to believe in the magic of Christmas, his belief that he is actually Santa Claus raises eyebrows and he soon ends up embroiled in a legal case in the High Court of Australia!

Featuring a cast of hilarious Christmas characters and comedic scenes that will delight children and adults alike, this is essential holiday viewing for those looking for a bit of Christmas magic.

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