The Peaceful Warrior Self-Defence Course at Nishi Gallery – 5 week course

A calm mind and focused intention is all you require to defend yourself against any attack. There is a common belief that in order to effectively defend yourself, you have to be aggressive. This is not true.

In this 5 week beginners self-defence course you will learn how a relaxed and focused mind and body is the key to the mastery of the martial arts.

The course will cover how to defend against the most common street attacks, including helpful grappling and anti-grappling techniques. You will also acquire practical defence skills that you can apply immediately.


About the Instructor

Sifu Richard Block has been teaching and training in martial arts for more than 20 years. His career as a personal trainer and his study of the human mind has given him a unique understanding of the development of self-defence skills. He is the chief instructor at Gungahlin Martial Arts and teaches a dedicated grou ...more
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