The Burning
Everyman Theatre presents
The Burning

31 Jul 2014 to 10 Aug 2014

It is Germany in the early 1600s, when persecutions for heresy and witchcraft threatened to engulf the whole of Europe in their fury.  A young lawyer finds himself locked in a deadly courtroom battle against one of the most feared inquisitors of the age.  As his life and the lives of those he loves increasingly hang in the balance, he turns to his father for assistance.  But how can a father help his son when he too is behind the largest witch hunt the world has ever seen?

Everyman Theatre is proud to present Canberra playwright Duncan Ley’s multi-award winning play, The Burning; a riveting courtroom thriller.  It is historical and contemporary, both an epic melodrama and poignant examination of the bonds and rifts between father and son.  From its whimsical opening, through twists and turns, all the way to its shocking climax, The Burning will have you on the edge of your seat.

‘I am in total admiration of this play…for a script firmly imbedded in historical events, the themes of The Burning seem astoundingly contemporary and universal.’ Artsound 102.7

‘Without pandering to cliche, this has to be one of the best pieces of theatre in recent memory…the writing is exceptional, powerful…I cannot recal an audience so moved, so stunned by the time the curtain fell…Go see The Burning.  You’ll know what I mean.’ ABC Radio

‘The Burning’s tense court scenes build to an excellent climax.’ Canberra Times

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The Q - Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre
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150 minutes (including interval)

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