One Flea Spare by Naomi Wallace
National University Theatre Society presents
One Flea Spare by Naomi Wallace

14 May 2014 to 17 May 2014

A wealthy couple is preparing to flee their home when a mysterious sailor and a young girl appear sneaking into their boarded up house. Now, quarantined together for 28 days, the only thing these strangers fear more than the plague is each other. Outside, the watchman stalks the streets like death itself, while inside, the structures that once held society together are turned upside down. 

“[Naomi Wallace’s] ability to articulate the inarticulable, grief and loss and suffering beyond endurance, is a source of hope; as is the resilience and passion of the marvelous characters she’s assembled.” – Tony Kushner

NUTS is proud to announce the second show of the season, ‘One Flea Spare’ by Naomi Wallace, directed by Gowrie Varma and Ellie Greenwood (directors of ‘When the Rain Stops Falling’ in 2013).
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ANU Arts Centre
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aprox 140
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