Into The Woods
Into The Woods
Dramatic Productions
Gungahlin College Theatre
28 Aug 2015 to 12 Sep 2015
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Adult $49.50
Concession $43.50
Group 10+ $41.50
Child (Under 16) $36.50
Dinner&Show Adult $65.00
Dinner&Show Child U16 $50.00

Duration - 180 minutes
Contains loud noises
Smoke effects used
Suitable for ages 8+

What happens when all your favourite fairy tale characters meet? We find out in Stephen Sondheim's classic musical - Into the Woods.

When a baker and his wife learn they have been cursed with childlessness by a witch next door, they embark on a quest for the special objects required to break the spell.

They swindle Jack (the one who climbed the beanstalk), accost Cinderella and steal from Little Red Ridinghood and Rapunzel.

Along the way they meet an evil wolf, charming princes and wicked in-laws. But by the end of Act 1 everyone’s wishes have come true (well almost everyone’s!).

But little do they know that the fulfillment of their dreams would have consequences and in Act 2 their happy lives begin to unravel as their actions bring destruction and danger to the kingdom.


All Dramatic Production's opening nights are black-tie affairs! We invite you to come dressed in your finest and enjoy a magnificent night of theatre!

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Artistic Team
Richard Block
Kathryn Jones
Damien Slingsby
Grant Pegg
Veronica Thwaites-Brown
Kelly Roberts
Pip Murphy
Sian Harrington
Pippin Carroll
Alex Clubb
Anthony Simeonovic
Tony Falla
Fiona Goggins
Debra Byrne
Miriam Miley-Read
Jess Baker
Kitty McGarry
Brian Kavanagh
Taylor Kunkel
Rachel Thornton
Yanina Clifton
MacKenzie Rae Lennard
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