Young but not naïve teacher Lucy (Glynis Stokes) is hoping to make a difference in her new school, but soon discovers the staffroom is worse than the classroom.

Belittled by conservative teacher and senior slut-shamer Bronwyn (Emma Wood) and ignored by supervisor and ‘innovation’ cheerleader Clara (Elaine Noon), Lucy finds an unlikely friend in the antisocial and all-round offensive Paul (Brendan Kelly).

But Paul knows something no one else does and it goes to the rotten core of the system – a system of suspicious promotions and orders from above.

Add an authority-obsessed teacher with Pokémon toys (Marti Ibrahim); a disgruntled Mandarin teacher who’s forced to teach PE (John Kelly); and a post-retirement and past-caring Maths teacher (Liz Bradley), and the staff room is a hive of cynicism and workplace politics.

That is until an unknown whistle-blower publishes a revealing blog about the school, forcing Principal Julian (Rob de Fries) and his sidekick Deputy George (Arran ...more
Artistic Team
Cate Clelland
Sarah Hull
Liz Bradley
Marti Ibrahim
Sophie Hopkins
Brendan Kelly
John Kelly
Elaine Noon
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