The Threepenny Opera
The Threepenny Opera
Canberra Repertory Society
Naone Carrel Auditorium (Theatre 3)
25 Feb 2016 to 12 Mar 2016
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Tickets - $42 - Full Price
$36 - Concession
$35 - Groups of 6+
$33 - Preview

Duration - 180 minutes

Brecht and Weill turned to John Gay's 18th-century "The Beggar's Opera" to fashion this savage, biting commentary on bourgeois capitalism and modern morality. Set in        Victorian London, the bitter tale is told of the predatory    outlaw known as Mack the Knife. He secretly marries the daughter of Soho's underworld boss, but is soon betrayed by his sinister in-laws and sent to prison.
After being freed by the police chief's daughter, he is again betrayed- this time by a prostitute-and sentenced to death. At the final hour he manages a reprieve from Queen Victoria herself, thus providing a menacing finale of ferocious irony.
Artistic Team
Aarne Neeme
Tim Sekuless
Dick Goldberg
Tina Robinson
Helen McFarlane
Sian Harrington
Peter Dark
Rob DeFries
Oliver Baudert
Dale Stam
Pippin Carroll
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