Lawrence Mooney - Moonman
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Lawrence Mooney - Moonman

26 Nov 2016

Canberra, you were at the Courtyard Studio in February when he walked out on stage with a bunch of ideas. Now is your chance to see what your magic helped create.

Moonman is the coming of age story of a 50 year old man. In a year when everything was coming up roses for Lawrence Mooney things started to fray at the edges.

Why was this three time Barry Award nominee and happily married father of two doing 170 km/h in a 100 km/h zone?  After being arrested at his home, he had his car impounded, faced a magistrate and had to remain silent whilst being berated by the beak – difficult for one so normally outspoken. Then he became a cyclist, urgh yuck!

This resulted in the big questions WHO AM I? WHAT DO I WANT? and WHAT AM I DOING? The answer came from a close comedy friend – you’re the Moonman – never forget that!

And so now it’s time to find out who the Moonman really is and what he wants. Most at home on the stage in front of comedy audiences the host of ABC’s Dirty Laundry Live, star of the eponymously named Moonman coming up in 2016 on ABC TV and part of Triple M’s Merrick & Australia has saved his most irreverent edge for Canberra where he will be performing Moonman – a sophisticated and disturbingly honest exploration of his comic psyche, his lack of impulse control, and why friends refer to him lovingly as a ‘loose unit’.
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Canberra Theatre Centre
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75 minutes, no interval.
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