Die Fledermaus Die Fledermaus
Canberra Opera Inc
Belconnen Community Theatre
5 May 2017 to 14 May 2017
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Tickets - Adults - $35
Concession - $30
Children (5 - 15yrs) - $25
Children (Under 5) - Free

Duration - https://www.trybooking.com/263647

Canberra Opera presents Die Fledermaus. Music by Johann Strauss II, Libretto by C Haffner and Richard Genee, New English Translation and Musical arrangement by IAN GLEDHILL of Pavillion Music By Arrangement with David Spicer Productions www.davidspicer.com.au

Revenge is a dish best served cold!! Die Fledermaus is a journey from boudoir to ballroom to gaol. Throw in some farce, a lot of humour and just a little cunning and you have the recipe for comic operetta at its best! Champagne anyone?

The pinnacle of Viennese operetta, Die Fledermaus is light, frothy and utterly charming. Combining the beautiful waltzes of Johann Strauss II with some of the best young voices in Canberra, director Karyn Tisdell has reimagined the story in a more contemporary setting. The year is 1955, London, England. With the end of 14 long years of rationing, we find our main characters living life to the fullest. The Eisenstein’s are wealthy aristocrats, a little bored by life, but nevertheless entertaini ...more
Artistic Team
Karyn Tisdell
Kathleen Loh
Lizzy Collier
Andrew Barrow
Keren Dalzell
Madeline  Anderson
Michael Moore
Linda Gledhill
Peter  Smith
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