A Very Kransky Christmas A Very Kransky Christmas
The Playhouse
13 Dec 2017 to 13 Dec 2017
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Tickets - All tickets $55.00
Duration - 90 minutes, no interval
Not suitable for children


The Kransky Sisters bring you A Very Kransky Christmas.Come and join these off-the-wall siblings as they turn your Christmas into a stuffed ham. With their unusual array of instruments from cheese grater to toilet brush, tuba to musical saw, settle in for what could be your kookiest Christmas party yet.In a quiet town in the middle of south east Queensland lives a huddle of strange sisters, whom, in between tending ants, knitting egg warmers, and hanging out cane toad skins to dry, travel around the country performing their popular musical shows to a growing following. This oddball musical trio marry curious real life stories with a host of uniquely homemade arrangements of popular songs gleaned from their old wireless in a highly entertaining event.

This holiday season, the musical sister’s invite you into their Christmas festivities, a tradition that, until now, has been shrouded in secrecy. Expect egg nog, panty-hose and painted chokoes along with musical numbers from Enya t ...more
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