The Mayor of Munchkin Land
Child Players ACT presents
The Mayor of Munchkin Land

12 Jul 2023 to 15 Jul 2023

The Mayor of Munchkin Land is an original play taking place in Munchkin Land, in the Land of Oz. It is set in a time before Dorothy visits and begins with the Wizard of Oz announcing that the Munchkins need to elect a Mayor to represent them on the Land of OZ government, the Rainbow Council. Glinda helps the Munchkins learn how to run their first election, the Wizard of Oz tries to help, and the Wicked Witch of the East keeps getting in the way!

On Voting Day all Munchkins (who are old enough) vote. Even the audience vote too! 

Who will win the election and become the first Mayor of Munchkin Land? 

We’ll need to wait until the votes are counted to find out! 

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Belconnen Community Theatre
Session TimesTicket PricesDuration
90 minutes
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