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A German LifeA German Life
Playhouse, QPAC
2 Jun 2021 to 20 Jun 2021Session Times
Wednesday 2nd June 1:00pm
Wednesday 2nd June 7:30pm
Thursday 3rd June 7:30pm
Friday 4th June 7:30pm
Saturday 5th June 2:00pm
Saturday 5th June 7:30pm
Sunday 6th June 1:00pm
Sunday 6th June 6:00pm
Tuesday 8th June 6:30pm
Wednesday 9th June 1:00pm
Wednesday 9th June 7:30pm
Thursday 10th June 7:30pm
Friday 11th June 7:30pm
Saturday 12th June 2:00pm
Saturday 12th June 7:30pm
Sunday 13th June 1:00pm
Sunday 13th June 6:00pm
Wednesday 16th June 1:00pm
Wednesday 16th June 7:30pm
Thursday 17th June 7:30pm
Friday 18th June 7:30pm
Saturday 19th June 2:00pm
Saturday 19th June 7:30pm
Sunday 20th June 1:00pm
Sunday 20th June 6:00pm

IP Publicity
Tickets - $79-$119
Duration - 90 minutes (no intermission)
A German LifeA German Life
Arts Centre Melbourne - Playhouse
21 Jul 2021 to 15 Aug 2021Session Times
Wednesday 21st July 1:00pm
Wednesday 21st July 7:30pm
Thursday 22nd July 7:30pm
Friday 23rd July 7:30pm
Saturday 24th July 2:00pm
Saturday 24th July 7:30pm
Sunday 25th July 1:00pm
Sunday 25th July 6:00pm
Wednesday 28th July 1:00pm
Wednesday 28th July 7:30pm
Thursday 29th July 7:30pm
Friday 30th July 7:30pm
Saturday 31st July 2:00pm
Saturday 31st July 7:30pm
Sunday 1st August 1:00pm
Sunday 1st August 6:00pm
Wednesday 4th August 1:00pm
Wednesday 4th August 7:30pm
Thursday 5th August 7:30pm
Friday 6th August 7:30pm
Saturday 7th August 2:00pm
Saturday 7th August 7:30pm
Sunday 8th August 1:00pm
Sunday 8th August 6:00pm
Wednesday 11th August 1:00pm
Wednesday 11th August 7:30pm
Thursday 12th August 7:30pm
Friday 13th August 7:30pm
Saturday 14th August 2:00pm
Saturday 14th August 7:30pm
Sunday 15th August 1:00pm
Sunday 15th August 6:00pm

IP Publicity
Tickets - $79-$129
Duration - 90 minutes (no intermission)
A German LifeA German Life
The Playhouse - Canberra Theatre Centre
Show finished on 16 May 2021
The Gordon/Frost Organisation
Tickets - $69 - $119
Duration - Approximately 90 minutes, no interval.
A German Life
The Playhouse - Canberra Theatre Centre
IP Publicity
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