Bell Shakespeares The Miser
Bell Shakespeare's The Miser
Bell Shakespeare
The Playhouse
11 Apr 2019 to 20 Apr 2019
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Preview All Tickets (Thursday 11 April, 7.30pm) $47.50
Premium Adult $98.50
Premium Concession $83.50
Premium Under 30 (Limited seats only available for Sun, Tue & Wed performances) $47.50
Premium Under 18 $47.50
A-Reserve Adult $78.50
A-Reserve Concession $68.50
A-Reserve Under 30 (Limited seats only available for Sun, Tue & Wed performances) $42.50
A-Reserve Under 18 $42.50

Duration - Approx 150 mins, including interval


A DELIGHTFUL FARCE ABOUT A TIGHT-ARSE LACKING IN CLASSWealthy skinflint, Harpagon is so cheap he’d rather bury his money in the backyard and steal oats from his horse before seeing a dollar spent.

Welcome to the world of The Miser, where passion and penny-pinching go head to head in a ribald comedy of manners. John Bell stars as the stingy, avaricious and obnoxious Harpagon, a money-lender who makes Ebenezer Scrooge look generous. This is a man who loves nothing more than his beloved cash – not even his own children.

With his eye on the prize – an inappropriately young bride who already has her sights set on his son – Harpagon is prepared to sacrifice his children and his dignity to win it all.

First performed in 1668, The Miser is the well-known satire by French playwright Molière, known for other classics such as Tartuffe and The Misanthrope.

Bell Shakespeare’s Founder, John Bell, will be directed by Artistic Director, Peter Evans, in this deliciously mean comedic Mo ...more
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