The Penelopiad The Penelopiad
papermoon theatre
The Courtyard Studio - Canberra Theatre Centre
8 Jul 2021 to 17 Jul 2021
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Duration - 150 minutes
Not suitable for children
Serious adult themes

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Penelope, the wise and patient wife of the ancient Greek hero Odysseus, has passed beyond the veil of death. From Hades – the land of the dead – Penelope can see everything about her past and present, including her historical reputation as a perfectly faithful wife. However, she is haunted by the blood on her hands: the deaths of her twelve maids who were slaughtered by Odysseus under false pretences. Begging the audience not to follow in her footsteps, Penelope re-tells the story of The Odyssey from her point of view through a series of visions spanning her life.


Artistic Team
Kate Blackhurst
Sarah Hull
Jessica Waterhouse
Neville Pye
Cate Clelland
Glenn Gore-Phillips
Brooke Thomas
Annie Kay
Elaine Noon
Victoria Dixon
Heidi Silberman
Martha Russell
Tijana Kovac
Emily Ridge
Emily Smith
Sarah Hull
Milena Rafic
Jessica Waterhouse
Sue Gore-Phillips
Shauna Priest
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